January 2014

January 2014

Attention Inebriates!

Welcome to 2014! You know… the year the polar ice caps were to have melted… well don’t tell Al Gore but half the world is still freezing their collective arses off!


Regardless, we Inebriates are a hearty bunch and will somehow persevere and find a way to have some fun!


The 2014 schedule for the games we will be attending is now up on under Upcoming Events…

Clan Inebriated

Clan Inebriated

We have been having a good time on our Facebook page and want to thank you for sending in pictures and post that help make it fun! Please keep it up!





We have the mill ready and waiting to take our orders and now do not have a minimum!

Custom hand dyed wool, hand woven and hand sewn full 8 yards of 15oz wool. This is the real deal full on dress kilt!

The Kilt Lasses at MacKinnon’s Kilts are offering for this first run a special of $895.00 for a men’s kilt and flashes

The time is now to be the first on your block to sport the new CI tartan kilt!

I know some of you have been waiting to get into that first kilt so we will be taking orders for this first run until Friday February 28th 2014.


If you are interested in a plaid, tie, sash, women’s kilt or dress or just need some yardage to make something yourself contact the Lasses and just ask!

See the attached pdf file for how to order!

And now a little something I think you all might be interested in from Inebriate James…

Oh Mighty Chief!

We met when I joined the Clan at the Homecoming in Edinburgh back in 2009.

With Burns’ Night just around the corner you and the Clan might be interested in my new smartphone app: The Dramophone, which includes details on every distillery in Scotland- including pronunciation advice, as well as a FAQ on Single Malts. As befits a Clan Inebriated Highlander the app has plenty of attitude as well as solid information- I am sure that you will enjoy it, and at $3.99 it isn’t going to eat into the liquids budget. Plenty of pictures of all areas of Scotland, and more than a few of the Lonach Highlanders (of whom I am the Patron).

It is available for iPhone and Android, (with Windows ‘Phone coming soon), or this QR code will take you straight to it-




Sir James Forbes, BT

Bear’s Head Productions


The Dramophone- Single Malt Scotch Whisky on your ‘phone!


Congratulations to the CI approved band 1916 they are in studio now recording another rocking CD…


Also keep your eyes and ears open to our other CI approved bands ….



OK Inebriates… that’s about it for this go round, if you haven’t been to a Burns Supper I highly recommend finding one local, dressing up, hearing some good music, toasting the world and eating haggis!


Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in the coming year!
Now go out there and …


Gu Deoch Gu Cairdean Gu Spors

Inebriate Chelsea asked one last question…


Who’s running this Mickey Mouse outfit?


Talk soon,

August 2013

HELLO to the CLAN!!

I know it’s been awhile since my last newsletter but it has been a busy year so far and to tell the truth wasn’t much to report until now!
First off for those of you in Southern California there is a new games in town! The California Celtic Classic to be held at Sea Terrace Park in Dana Point, California August 24/25 www.calcelticclassic.com Forrest and Bob (the two guys putting this on) have spent over a year researching how a games should be run, talking with all the clans, vendors, dancers and athletes. They have brought in world class athletes for this one so if you live close by come on out and enjoy a games with the big blue Pacific Ocean as a back drop! We are all pulling for them to have a successful games for us all!


Now for a CI tartan update…


As most of you know we have been working on getting all of you Inebriates into our registered Clan Inebriated tartan for quite some time now…in fact we started this endeavor close to 4 years ago and it looks like we are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.
Our first obstacle was finding a mill that would make our tartan. Then we had to find a mill that could make our tartan into kilts and dresses. Then we had to find one that wouldn’t price us out of the ballpark!  Well fellow Inebriates…I think we are pretty close to being there!

We have been working closely with Karen, Bryanna and Kyleena of MacKinnon’s Kilts (better known as The Kilt Lasses) to bring you a dress weight quality Scottish kilt in the CI tartan. Some of you have already pre-ordered in anticipation of more ordering until we had enough to make a full bolt. It’s possible the wait might be over!


We have found a mill that will not only mill our tartan but make the kilts and dresses as well…and… their minimum run is only 4 yards!
We are ordering a 4 yard sample with their stock colors to see how it looks. If all is well then we might all be in CI tartan kilts by Christmas!  Stay tuned we will keep you posted!


We have been invited to many a games around the world and someday the goal is to make them all. To all the Inebriates who have welcomed us into their homes and lives…

Thank You !

You know who you are…

Our two Clan Inebriated approved bands…The Wicked Tinkers and 1916 are still out there making people happy and helping white folk dance!
One of the Tinkers founding members and current CI Naval Fleet Commander Warren Casey has decided to take a break from all the traveling and performing for a bit, so good friend and sound guy Tiki King is stepping up to cover the bass drum. Aaron, Keith, CJ and Tiki will still see Warren make a few appearances whenever the mood strikes!



Thanks to 1916’s manager Brian Towers the band continues to get more and more bookings. Rich, Travis, Doug, Walter and Chelsea are writing and performing a lot of brand new material. Look for a new CD out soon and if you like a song called “Buss’n the Stone of Blarney” let me know… co-wrote it with Rich Cheney!



Ok…that about brings us up to speed…so sit back, pour another Capt’n Arrrrrrgyle and relax…you are all now well informed!


Look forward to seeing as many of the Clan as possible real soon!

Oh and if you want to pre-order a CI kilt contact my SistaWife and Spare Kiddos at www.mackinnonskilts.com. Jump on FaceBook and say hello as well!

 talk later     d
Gu Deoch  Gu Cairdean  Gu Spors

Hello to the Clan and fellow Inebriates around the world!

Wow what a ride! This past year was in a word BUSY!!! We started off in a torential downpour in San Diego made stops in Sonora, Phoenix, Las Vegas (twice), Woodland, Costa Mesa, Santa Cruz, Portland, Enumclaw, Pleasanton, Grass Valley and ended with a beautifull weekend in Ventura!  One thing for sure it was one of the hottest years ever! I am almost starting to believe Al Gore and his mad scientist!

We had the pleasure of staying with friends at some of our events this year and enjoyed some great home cooking and lots of fun! If I have a choice next year I would prefer to do the same!!! Yes that is a big hint! Thanks to Colleen and Brad, Carlos and Cindy for your hospitallity!  I also want to thank all of YOU who came to see us this year… it makes all the travel and set up worth it!

We have been invited to many more games and events and someday when retirement comes we will have the time to visit those who have asked.

This year we finally got all of our ducks in a row and offered the Official Clan Inebriated tartan kilts for sale. Unfortunately we could not get the required 15 orders to have the first bolt run.

Here is the deal… your Chief cannot have his own tartan wrapped around his fat arse until he gets 15 others to do the same!!! So far we have two confirmed orders and 9 others waiting! That means we have to get those 9 to give a firm commitment which makes 11 then 4 more to order and we will be the first ones in the world to wear an official CI tartan kilt!!!

We are extending the order date till the end of the year in hopes that you (my peeps) will give in to your desires to own this beautiful tartan kilt!

Come on Christmas is here and you deserve to look your best!!


Contact the Kilt Lasses at www.mackinnonskilts.com to place your orders… kilts, women’s dresses, sashes, ties, flashes and plaids!

We will be working with MacKinnon’s Kilts on official CI poly kilts in the future.

This past year we launched our TEAM Inebriated line. The idea is to offer as many obscure sports on a shirt as possible. We started with Beer Pong and Curling and have Darts and others in the works. I want to offer bowling shirts which will be custom embroidered and screened on the back…just need to find the right ones and at a decent price. CI will sponsor a Shinty team as well just waiting to hear back from the coach… hello Steve?

In the process of getting kilt pins and badges made. They will be bold and beautiful in silver and looking at maybe pewter as well!

Tried pirate flags …they didn’t work out, so we will give it another shot next year. We also brought in our “Be Afraid” signs and added restroom signs as well. I always am looking for fun stuff to share and ideas keep coming…be patient.

Keep an eye on the “Events” page on the web site www.claninebriated.com for next year’s schedule. We will be posting around the first of the New Year… that’s if we make it past the 21st!

 As most of you know Kelli and I became grandparents this year and I became a senior (55) as well. I am sorry to all for not being able to have the big shindig at the brewery but time and city officials ruined it. If all goes well this coming year maybe we can plan a big party somewhere!

Well that about sums it up. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a great Hogmanay! I hope to see as many of you as possible next year!

talk soon    d
Gu Deoch Gu Cairdean Gu Spors

Message from the Chief:

Clan Inebriated

Hello to the Clan!

The Clan Inebriated registered tartan kilts are now ready to order! After a wee stutter step and a quick shot out of the gate (my mistake!) we are finally ready to get some kilts made to order!

After close to 3 years we are now ready to go. Be the first on your block to own your very own “Made in Scotland” 16oz wool dress kilt! It took time to not only get this great looking tartan just right, but we are having the purple threads custom dyed to match the shirts! Another great feature will be “military set” pleating on the men’s kilts, which means the pleats will be laid on the purple which gives the back a predominantly all purple look while the front apron will show the complete tartan pattern.

This may be a once in a lifetime chance to get into that first kilt that you have been waiting for! Remember this kilt is custom fitted to you; 16oz dress wool that will be woven, constructed, and imported from Scotland. These are your clans colors wear them with pride!

I know there are a lot of you out there that have never owned a kilt and were holding out for just the right one…well now you have no more excuses!

We need to receive at least 15 kilt (men’s and/or women’s) orders before we can have the historic first bolt made!

The holidays are quickly approaching and don’t you know someone who would look great in our colors at all the social functions? If not, you know YOU would look great in our colors!

Please read the attached message from the Kilt Lasses below and when you are ready to order open the order form attachment and get started.


Talk soon,   d
Gu Deoch Gu Cairdean Gu Spors

Message from The Kilt Lasses:

The time has finally arrived to order your custom wool Clan Inebriated kilt!
Ordering is simple: just follow our ordering/measuring form and you’ll be on your way to becoming the proud owner of a new kilt.

When you’re ready to place your order you have two options:
(1) To scan the order form and e-mail it to us.
(2) E-mail us your measurement and information in the body of an e-mail.
Once we’ve received your order we will call and verify the details with you before we place your final order with Scotland. At that time we will give you a subtotal (shipping and tax not included) of your purchase.

As the Chief has indicated it will require enough orders to constitute weaving the bolt to manufacture all kilts and accessories. In other words, if not enough orders are placed no wool items will be made, and no charges will be put into place.

We are very excited and proud to be the vendor for this highly anticipated tartan and look forward to providing the excellent service we strive for.

The Kilt Lasses

*Please e-mail all orders.  A Kilt Lass will call to confirm once the order has been received.*




Chiefs Comments
June 2012

Hello to the Clan…my Clan…my Family!
Here we are half way through the year and I cannot believe how much fun it has been meeting new faces and getting to see fellow Inebriates who I haven’t seen in years! God bless you all for your friendship and fun!
It has been awhile since my last “Comments” so let’s get right to it…                                               
We have been busy designing a new line of sportswear aptly named…….. “Team Inebriated” with our motto “Play Inebriated or Go Home”. The plan is to get into as many sports as possible. Our first three shirts will be…

chief_comments_clip_image006 chief_comments_clip_image004 chief_comments_clip_image002 (1)

I hope you all approve…watch for them on the web site and in our tent at various games. We have finally found an inexpensive source for CI Pirate flags and will try to have them by the end of the year. I have been chastised by some of you for not getting to things quicker and I apologize but remind you that “patience is a virtue” and it takes money to get these things, so cut me some slack!
 Oh… I almost forgot, many of you have wanted our “Caution” sign for your home pubs…well I am working on getting these made up as well (at a good price) along with customized CI pewter mugs and flasks.


The Clan Inebriated Registered Tartan Kilts… are now ready to order!

After close to 3 years we are now ready to go! Be the first on your block to own your very own “Made in Scotland” 16oz wool dress kilt! It took time to not only get this great looking tartan just right but we are having the purple threads custom dyed to match the shirts! Another great feature of this kilt is we are having it pleated in a “military set” which means the pleats will be on the purple which gives the back a predominantly all purple look while the front apron will show the complete tartan pattern!
This may be a once in a lifetime chance to get into that first kilt that you have been waiting for! Remember this is customed fitted to you, 16oz dress wool made in Scotland. These are your clans colors wear them with pride!
Prices as follows…
Men’s Kilt  $ 875.00   Flashes $25.00   Fly Plaid $ 195.00  Ties/Bow Ties $30.00
Women’s A-Frame Skirt $195.00   Sashes  $140.00    Mini or Billie Kilts $175.00
Contact our exclusive dealers the “Kilt Lasses” at  MacKinnon’s Kilts …


And last…many of you remember my 50th birthday party held at Port Brewing Company about… oh…five years ago! Well I am doing it again and I want to welcome you all to come and help me celebrate my 55 years of life on this planet! I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate other than with ALL of you!
So join me at yet another CI approved brewery …Latitude 33 in Vista


The Saturday after Thanksgiving November 24th. We will have a pot luck like last time with lots of food, goodies and of course beer. If you wish to bring something please coordinate with Kelli atkstrawhun@aol.com
We will post local hotels in the area on the web site as we get closer. Oh and one other small thing… Our official CI band 1916 will be playing and a special appearance by CJ Henderson from the Wicked Tinkers to lead you all in a rousing rendition of “Start Wearing Purple” !!!


So get your CI shirts on (and maybe your new CI tartan kilt!) and come and help your Chief celebrate with the Clan!
I am working on having some commemorative shirts made up as well!


Well there you have it… a lot has been done and a lot more to share with you my CLAN!

GU Deoch GU Cairdean GU Spors
talk soon   d

Chiefs Comments

Hail to the Clan and a hearty welcome to all of our new members!

Three things to ponder…
We met with MacKinnon’s Kilts and finalized the thread color for the Clan Inebriated tartan. The black is black, the blue is the right slate blue and the purple is now the right color purple. Next step will be to offer for preorder CI tartan dress kilts. I will be having mine done with a Military set on the pleats…meaning they set the pleats to the purple thread so the back of the kilt will look predominantly purple! We will also offer tartan hose, flashes, bow ties, plaids, sashes and a variety of other products in the official CI tartan. If you are one of those who have been waiting to get your first kilt then now is the time to get a full wool custom fitted dress kilt. We will also offer the opportunity to buy yardage so women can get a classic A frame tartan dress made for all special occasions. Next will be the women’s Billie Kilts in the poly material and finally the CI poly pub kilts for everyday wear. Look for our next mailing to have a price list and how to preorder instructions. Our last games:
The last games of the year for us will be the Seaside Highland Games in Ventura http://seaside-games.com/ this year we will have the full CI tent next to Clan Strachan Society’s tent! Yes…we are coming out of the closet or garage or backroom… whatever… we are no longer banned!! A big thank you to John and Nellie for allowing us to be official! We are looking to take a group photo on Sunday morning 11am October 9, 2011 in front of the CI tent. The last time we did this we had around 75 clan members join us. We would love to get close to 200 of you this time! CI sponsored event:
The one question I keep getting asked at ALL of the events we do is… “will you be doing another CI event away from the games?”  well… thanks to Shelleyanne one of our members we have a chance to see The Battle of the Dance Dinner show in Anaheim!http://www.battleofthedance.com/  we are still working on details but thought we would put it out there to see if any are interested in going? Looking at Saturday evening December 3rd. Please let us know if you are interested so we can work with Shelleyanne on pricing and seating. We think this could be a fun night to remember!!! That about covers things for now…hope to see as many of you as possible at Seaside!

talk soon   d
Gu Deoch Gu Cairdean Gu Spors

Chiefs Comments

Hello to the CLAN INEBRIATED! Well here we are half way through 2011 racing towards doomsday 12/21/2012 at least according to that last Mayan calendar maker! Don’t you hate it when a guy ups and quits his job and doesn’t have an apprentice to keep working! Geesh now the whole world is in an uproar! HA!
Well you haven’t heard from me in awhile for a couple of reasons…

  1. Some who signed up for emails then bitched and said “don’t spam me bro” should have them tazzed!
  2. I have been real busy (lame ass excuse…but true)
  3. I am basically LAZY! At least it’s the honest answer!

So at the request of quite a few of you I now present you with our wee newsletter… First and foremost WELCOME to all of our NEW MEMBERS! Welcome to our little worldwide clan numbering close to 15,000, I think, could be more. We just keep growing. I think all of us with a sense of humor have found a place to congregate! And a great big giant HELLO to all of you who have been here for a while! I miss you guys when I don’t see you!
 You know it is funny, we still get some of the old naysayers who keep up with that same old rant…”You are not a real clan!” well I say we give them a good old fashioned Charlie Sheen answer  “DUH! WINNING!”  I have to ask this “when do you become a “real” clan?” This year Kym Baldwin made us some buttons that say…
 “Clan Inebriated… that’s right we are not a clan…we are family!
Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you Kym! I will now attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions or FAQs to those that need to make up clever little abbreviations for everything! ART WORK  IS THAT NEW?
Yes that’s right it has changed. It all boils down to keeping a friendship. For years my friend, Michael MacFarlane, who has Celtic Jackalope  www.celticjackalope.com  has made my shirts for me. He had his artist draw up my idea and off we went. Unfortunately the artist would not release the art work to me to do as I wished with it. It caused numerous arguments between Michael and me. I didn’t like that. This year I purchased a screen print machine and along with it a partnership of very talented friends who have the ability to work with me on my ideas so we can get them on shirts for all of us to wear. All of my art is now mine to do with as I wish and best of all Michael is still my friend!  Look for new stuff every time I get an idea in me noggin! Oh and that shirt you are wearing could have been screened by me! WHY DOSENT YOUR WEB PAGE SHOW THE NEW STUFF?
LAZY! Yepper that’s me!  I finally took some photos at the Irish Fair and I am in the process of getting it to my web guy Eric to get put up! Look for them soon! If not, then its ERIC’s fault! No pressure! ARE YOU A “VENDOR” NOW?
Well…technically I have to say yes. The reason is as a vendor we can get in to all the games (except San Diego…you ask them why) but we will always try to make room for you to come and hang out and relax and laugh! We started out as the tent to have fun in and by the Big Guy Upstairs’ grace we will always continue to be so! THAT is what makes us a clan! WHEN WILL THE KILTS BE READY? YOU PROMISED!
Ahhhh yes THE most frequently asked question (which is why I saved it for last!)
Well as most of you know I have been working real close with my “sister wife” Karen Harper and my two “spare” children Bryanna and Kyleena who own MacKinnon’s Kiltswww.mackinnonskilts.com  Karen made connections this past year in Scotland to get things going again. It seems that last year we had a mill in Missouri lined up to get started and he ended up being a flake! So it was back to square one. We are now working with professionals and are in the process of getting the right color wool. Once we ok the correct colors and sign an exclusivity contract (so no one else can make them) I will put out a price and a preorder for all of you who would like to own the very first wool dress Clan Inebriated tartan kilt or dress! We are also working with the makers of the “pub” kilts in polyviscus which will be available at MacKinnon’s Kilts and our own CI tent as well. I still promise to let all of you be the first to know when they are ready! Patience is still a virtue right? Now put away the pitch forks and torches! RECAP:
This year we unfortunately missed Phoenix (I apologize to our Zonie clan members) but we will be back next year. Things came up and we just couldn’t make it. On the bright side we did venture into the great state of Texas! clap clap clap clap deep in the Heart of Texas! Bakersfield was a blast as usual and rumor has it they plan to expand to two days next year so get out there and support our friends at the Kern County Scots! Vegas was the BOMB! Thank you Brian, Woody and Lynn! 1916 ROCKED the Fremont Street like no other! Next year bigger and better! We had a very warm and welcoming spot at the Woodland games this year and made a lot of new friends there. Looking forward to getting back next year! Here’s some great news, after 6 years of being banned, we finally set up shop at Costa Mesa! THANK YOU to all that made that happen! We had a great time seeing everybody! We have just finished the Irvine Irish Fair (fun as always!) and are now gearing up to head to Enumclaw, Washington then back down to Monterey and then for the first time in full tent glory we will be in Pleasanton! Come on by and see us!
Please check the schedule on the web page for the rest of the year’s itinerary… I can’t be expected to remember everything!
In these tough economic times I would like to offer you, our family, the use of our web site and FaceBook page. If you are so inclined I would love to put a link to your business for other clan members to use! I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner? Must be all the Arrrrgyles!  Send me your link and or info and we can build a networking page on the web site and also share info via the FaceBook page. Hey the family that laughs together can surely do business together. Maybe, just maybe like “Mad” Mike McCoy who owns BOOSTERS Sports bar and grill in Mission Viejo you could offer a 10% discount to CI members? That’s right “Mad” Mike takes 10% off if your bill when you visit his place and you are sporting the CI colors! And he has GREAT chow!
Well that about wraps it up for now…oh wait one more thing…
SEASIDE HIGHLAND GAMES October 8-9  www.seaside-games.com in Ventura, California  CI will be taking another GROUP PHOTO! Sunday morning at 11am either in front of the Clan Strachan Society tent or if we are fortunate (fingers crossed) in front of the CI tent! The last time we did this we had about 80 people show and we ended up marching at the last minute in the parade…it was a fun time and all got a kick out of it as Alex Beaton announced us “and now we have one of my favorite clans…Clan Inebriated!” and they say we are not a clan! HA! I would love to see as close to 200 CI folk as we can get, the more the merrier! Wear your CI colors and enjoy one of my favorite games!
A toast to you… my clan…my family


Chiefs Comments

Hello to all the new Clan members! We just keep growing and growing!
As I spend this rainy day inputting new email addresses into the CI data base I am always amazed and amused by your witty and humorous addresses… keep up the good fun!
A couple of things…
We are headed to Tucson November 5, 6,7th and ask that you spread the word to anybody you know in that area to stop by and say hi!
The following weekend November 13th we head to Bakersfield for the Bakersfield Celtic Music Festival… worth the drive for a day of great music and fun!
The Operation Caregiver packing party has been postponed until possibly Saturday, October 30. We will send out an update when we know for sure. If you can’t make it, please look and see if you can donate. It is for our men and women and fellow CI members who are fighting for this country.

You the CLAN wanted to have a get together so here is the perfect excuse to do so!

Mark your calendars …
When: Saturday, November 20, 2010 9AM
Where: Disneyland USA
Why: Clan Inebriated Chiefs Birthday Celebration

Kilt up (if you don’t have one www.mackinnonskilts.com ) and wear your CI shirt ( www.claninebriated.com) and join the Clan for a day at the Mouse House having fun helping me celebrate my 53 years on earth!
Here’s a little CI secret… Downtown Disney and the Hotel have “adult” beverages just a Monorail ride away!
Check the FaceBook page for the invite
Kelli (the Queen of All Arrrrgyles) is looking into group rates…contact her on FaceBook or email her at kstrawhun@aol.com

Hope the entire CLAN is well and hope to see you at our next events!


Hello to the Clan!

Welcome to the over 100 new members who have joined our ever expanding family since my last comments!

A few notes as we come to the end of the year…

We are still working on getting the official CI tartan kilts… these things take time… have patience! It will happen.

FaceBook! We have a page and welcome you all to send in pictures and comments.

With all of our busy schedules we never did get a CI get together outside of the games we do… but we still have December and January so any and all suggestions (such as Disneyland) are welcome! Will keep you posted on a final decision.

A change in our Upcoming Events page on the web site… we will NOT be in Las Vegas for the Ren Faire as planned… but we will be in Tucson November 5,6 and7!

As the holiday season approaches, I ask that you remember our troops in harms way… the official CI charity of choice is OPERATION CAREGIVER…founded by our Clan Doctor Michael (Doc) LaMar all donations and moneys go into bringing our men and women out on the front lines some comfort… Please take a moment to check out the web site www.operationcaregiver.org.

All donations are tax deductible!

And now for some shameless advertising…

As mentioned the holidays are coming and what would be the best gift you could give? Why a CI Lifetime Membership of course! You get a a very handsome shirt along with a card for your wallet to show everyone that you are a member in good standing , a certificate suitable for framing in your home or office and a CI window sticker for your car just so you can explain to the officer what we are really all about!

We are off to the Santa Cruz games this weekend, then to the Seaside Games in Ventura October 9 and 10 (where we will be cleverly hidden in the Strachan Society clan tent since this is one of the games we are banned from!) Then on to Tucson November 5,6 and 7 as mentioned earlier and finally we end the year in Bakersfield Saturday November 13th for the Bakersfield Celtic Music Fest. Our official CI bands, 1916 and the Wicked Tinkers will be playing so come on out to one of the best kept secrets in California… yeah I mean Bakersfield!

Look forward to seeing as many clan members as possible…

Go Deoch Gu Cairdean Gu Spors


Chief’s Comments

July 30, 2010

Hello to the Clan Inebriated! I hope that this finds you all well and enjoying life as it should be!  A hearty WELCOME to all of you new members! Congratulations in belonging to the largest clan in the world!

Welcome to the Fort McMurray Legion Pipes and Drums from Canada the entire band joined our little clan…and to former Captain of the USS Ronald Reagan and now Admiral Ken Norton… congratulations on your recent nuptials!
I am sorry that as your chief I have been remiss in not getting a “comments” out to you all sooner! As they say…my bad! So let’s get started…

This year we have been exploring different games with our good friends at MacKinnon’s Kilts. The Kilt Lassies have been generous in allowing CI to tag along to venues we would not usually have attended. This has been both a blessing and has caused some to curse! Oh well I am sure they will get over it! LOL!
Our “Goodwill Ambassador” Mr. Bob Lively brought up this observation… “Some folks out there are starting to look at CI as a “vendor” out to sell shirts and just in it to make money” …I would like to address this point and clear this up to you, the clan…
Some venues will not allow CI in …this is a fact, but, money talks and when you pay a “vendors” fee it changes their whole outlook! So we have joined with MacKinnon’s Kilts and have also gone into some venues as a “vendor” just so we can be there for you… the clan.

Keep in mind that t-shirt sales are what allow us to do this, so there you have it. Does this change our philosophy on life? A resounding NO! We are all about laughing together and living life to the fullest! That will never change! Our goal is to set up the hospitality tent for you all to come in and be at home while you are enjoying the day (and maybe an Arrrrgyle or two). Sometimes we are not allowed to do so but at least we are there spreading our philosophy on life!

This year we have expanded our voice on FaceBook and have welcomed all of your comments and observations…please keep them coming!
CI has also added Operation Caregiver as our official charity! This organization was started by our very own clan doctor…Michael “Doc” LaMar! OC packs up “kits” of personal comfort for our men and women fighting for our freedoms, who are on the front and cannot get simple items such as socks, toothpaste, baby wipes, gold bond powder and such. They pack up these kits and get them to the front lines to give our soldiers and Marines some comfort from home. You can help! We will post when and where the next packing party will be or you can donate goods or money for the cause. ALL donations are tax exempt and ALL goes to the cause. There is nothing spent on overhead it ALL goes to our troops! Look for the new OC FaceBook page or find the web site atwww.operationcaregiver.org.

We still would like to add more pictures to the web site so keep them coming!
We will be adding more and more CI merchandise (at your request) as we can afford to do so… WHITE CI golf shirts will be available soon… the beauty of our clan is when you wear your shirts it never fails to bring a smile or strike up a conversation with a new friend!

For some reason there are those of you who have yet to KILT UP! Some have said they are waiting on the CI tartan kilts to be their first one… so here is the latest… we have found a weaver right here in the good old USA and they are in the process of getting us a sample of the weave…once that is done we will then have kilts and billie kilts made up and will be available through MacKinnon’s Kilts and on our web site! Have patience it is a long slow process and we want to make sure we get it right!

As most of you know The Wicked Tinkers are the official CI band! Well … we have grown (looks like around 9,000 to 10,000 members unofficially worldwide) and now we have added our good friends from Bakersfield …1916… as another official CI band! If you missed their CD release party at Fishlips in Bakersfield then you missed not only a great evening with friends and family, great music and drink, but an official CI mass induction as well!

In these tough economic times we all know how hard it is to get out and have a fun day with friends and family. So when you do please check the CI web site for the games and events we will be at.

We tried to get another CI trip to Santa Barbara going but…there was not enough interest…it has been suggested we have a CI day at Disneyland… if you are interested please comment on FaceBook or the web site and we will pick a day!
Keep smiling…cherish your family and friends…live your life to the fullest!

Talk soon d
Gu Deoch Gu Cairdean Gu Spors To Drink To Friends To Fun


Chiefs Comments
October 2009

Well it’s been a busy summer to say the least!

We started it all off with the first annual CI Soultrain trip to Santa Barbara…the pictures are up and if you missed it well… were gonna do it again next June!

Next was The Gathering in Scotland! I am still working on the pictorial of CI in Scotland and Ireland (so keep checking the web site every now and again). A couple of highlights… inducting in most of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs to Clan Inebriated!… meeting up with a few of our members at the games in Edinburgh… singing (with Doc and a pint in hand) “Molly Malone” in the Brazen Head Pub (established in 1168!) in Dublin’s fair city and leaving a CI card on the wall in said pub and having a tour guide a few days later say he saw it!

Our very own Joe “Spanky” Carnes married his sweet heart Tabitha and now enjoy wedded bliss!

We traveled north to several new games for CI such as Sonora, Fresno and Santa Cruz… look for us at more games next year!

We welcomed into our fold the band “1916” who have now become our official “Irish” band (the Wholligans have disbanded) great music and good guys all around!

We have updated the web site and added a few more items for sale … still working on bringing the CI tartan kilts to life…have patience its gonna happen this coming year! Along with other items in the works.

We started our “Charities” page and hope you all help with ”Operation Caregiver” or whatever charity you like.

I have also joined the Facebook crowd… so every now and again you will see a comment or two with our members

Coming up…well more of the same and more of it in different cities… Starting with the Bakersfield Celtic Music Festival on November 7th…hope you can make it!

Don’t forget to take a picture of yourselves in your CI shirts in your favorite place and we will put it on our Picture page

Enjoy your holidays and we will see you soon!

May 20, 2009

Hello All,

We had a great time at the Las Vegas Games last month.The weather was great and a good time was had by all!
We met a lot of new friends and got to see some old ones as well. Jay from the Wicked Tinkerswas free both days to rejoin the band and spend time in the CI tent as well. We wish him well as he starts his new job with “The Lion King” show.

Clan Inebriated will be at the Costa Mesa Games this weekend in the Celtic Jackalope Tent with Michael MacFarlane. www.celticjackalope.com  Michael has some really cool stuff and if your coming to these games stop in and say hello!
Kelli will be with Karen and the Kilt Lassies at MacKinnons Kilts   www.mackinnonskilts.com so make sure to stop by and get kilted up if you have not done so already!

June 6th is rapidly approaching and I hope everyone is coming on board the ” CI Soul Train to Santa Barbara” all the info is on the web site… www.claninebriated.com
Our friend Scott Bell sent a reminder that you have to call the Extended Stay America and ask for the Clan Inebriated discount  you cannot book it on line. I hope all will kilt up and dont forget to wear your CI shirts!  We will raffle off one of the new CI hoodies and some other stuff as well…its going to be a good time! Rumor has it that members from Bakersfield and Vegas are coming over special to join us! After the fires and such lets help boost SB’s economy a bit while having a good time!

On that same weekend Kelli will be with Celtic Jackalope on board the Queen Mary for the “Ink and Iron” show …so if you cannot make the CI Soul Train and are big on tattoos and bikes stop by and see her and MacFarlane in Long Beach.

Thank you all for responding to my email so I could clean up the double emails…if you still get them please let me know…

Hope to see you all soon in the coming weeks…

talk soon d

Gu Deoch Gu Cairdean Gu Spors


Hello fellow Clan members!

It’s been awhile since I last posted a comment or two so I thought I would bring you all up to speed of what’s been happening.

As you can see on the front page of the web site our own Clan Commander and our Clan Barrister have finally tied the knot! I am now an official reverend and had the honor to perform the ceremony myself! It was a great day and we are all happy for them.
As “Your Assholiness, Inebrius Rex” I now offer my services to any one who would like to add a little humor and fun to your special day. Scheduling permitting I offer my services as a reverend to perform your wedding ceremony. The cost for CI members is food, drink and a place to stay for myself and my bride.

On a sad note, I lost my mother to cancer. It has been hard but as in all things in life you perceiver and move on. I will miss her.

Our last get together was a blast and so we offer another!   This coming June on Saturday 6th we are offering the “CI Soul Train” to Santa Barbara. The idea is to hop on board the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner at the station nearest you and join the crowd as we head to Santa Barbara to visit a few local pubs in our CI shirts and kilts. You can either spend the night or go back home again that day…your choice. Look for more info on the site soon.

Speaking of kilts…the Clan Inebriated tartan is now registered in Scotland and we are working on getting kilts made for purchase by our extended family at a minimal cost.
Keep on eye on the site for updates.

Lately we have been traveling to different events with those Kilt Lassies of MacKinnon’s Kilts! They have offered CI a home to welcome new members in to the fold and in turn we help sell their kilts to those of you who haven’t drop your drawers yet! Visit them from our link page and get yourself into a kilt NOW!

talk soon d


September 1, 2008

Hello all,


Hope your summer has been a fun one! We now look forward to kids getting back to school, cooler weather and the holidays fast approaching.


Our Gathering at Boosters in Mission Viejo was a blast! We will do it again soon. Keep checking the site for more info.


Look for us in Ventura at the Seaside Highland Games in October. We will be incognito in the Strachan tent! Pass the word!


talk soon d


June 2008

Hello all, 

We are on the brink of summer and I am sure all have plans for vacations, graduations and don’t forget Fathers day!

If anyone has an idea for a CI gathering please email me so we can put the word out.

Kelli was thinking of having another get together at the Port Brewing company (were the birthday bash was held) in San Marcos… as soon as we pick a date we will pass the word.

 Our next outing will be at the Irish Faire at Irvine Meadows June 21 & 22, 2008. We will be with our good friends at MacKinnon’s Quality kilts having fun as usual.

If you do not have a kilt yet …then come see us at MacKinnon’s!

Still working on registering the CI Tartan. We have the sample and hope to cut a check and a request to the Tartan Authorities shortly.

 All is well at the home front for CI. Seems getting banned at games has just made folks try harder to find us! You can’t keep a good time down!

 Working on the web site and we are adding a new links page for our friends and members. 

We also have added a myspace sight as well. Keep in mind it’s a work in progress so check it out and add to it!! www.myspace.com/claninebriated

 If any of you were at the William Wallace day celebration last August in Bakersfield, then you know what fun it was.

Please write to the Kern Scots Society so they will keep it going.

Email a quick note to Jennifer and tell her you want to see it at Stramler Park (where the games are held in the spring) and you like the idea of moving it to November…much cooler!



Talk soon  d


March 2008

I want to thank all of you who attended my 50th birthday party in November!  It was great to share it with all who came. I hope all of your 2007 holidays with family and friends were memorable.

We just finished a wee jaunt to Phoenix for their games and had a great time. CI was firmly imbedded in the Clan Strachan Society tent with Jim Strachan, Todd Greer and were joined by the Tinkers and our good friend Bob Matheson! A good time was had by all!

We are now into the “High Holy Month of Intoxication”

Or March as it is known to some!  LOL!  Yes it’s that time of year when all of the amateur drunks come out to play. A word of caution when on the road this St Paddy’s day… if you see someone with one of those silly plastic derby’s on…move away as quick as possible!!!

We at CI prefer to celebrate our Irish roots and have fun doing so in a more dignified way. This year our very own Clan Commander Todd Greer is the new Smilin Irishman of San Diego 2008!

He is the “High King” of the largest St Paddy’s day parade west of the Mississippi! He will ride in a convertible and do his best “parade wave” to all the little people! To keep him in line he will be joined on all 4 sides of the car by the “garda filleadh beag an ard-ri”  “the kilted guard of the high King”

More affectionately known as “the FENDER SKIRTS” !

It’s made up of past Smilin Irishman in our finest Irish National tartan kilts!

We pass out candy and goodies to all  the kids along the parade route.

I hope all of CI will make the trek to San Diego and join us in celebrating our Celtic heritage!

For more info go to www.stpatsparade.org

Next month we head to Bakersfield and will be the featured tent at the Kern County Scots highland games. Please join us there and support their games. The folk in Bakersfield know how to throw a great party!



Chief’s Comments

Hello all,

As most of you know I will post a few comments now and again to let everyone know what’s been going on. I also encourage any and all of you who wish to have a say to your fellow clan members to email us with them and we will post them!

First off I want to say that CI had a wonderful time in Bakersfield at the first annual William Wallace Day celebration. CJ Henderson and his crew did a great job for a first time event! We welcome our newest members who joined our wee band of folk who enjoy life!

In looking over notes from years past I have lead a few astray with the pronunciation of our motto…. So let me clear things up a bit

Gu Deoch  is  GOO JOCK   or “to drink”

Gu Cairdean  is  GOO CAIR JEN  or  “to friends”

Gu Spors  is  GOO SPOORS  or  “to fun”

I hope this will clear up any further mispronunciations .

We now have window stickers for your car!  Check out the merchandise page for more info.

I want to invite all of you to my 50 year celebration of life in November!  I want to share this occasion with you, all of the folks who live life as I do!

The announcement should be posted on the site.

AND last but not least more fun politics for the CI clan….

It seems that the Seaside Highlands games were blackmailed into having CI removed from their games. It seems the “Old Guard” still has their panties in a bunch about us trying to be a “REAL” clan! Even though as you all know we have never claimed to be a real clan, but a wee parody of the clan system of which would be dead right now if not for us AMERICANS keeping it alive!

Anyway the story is there are a few (all of which will not come forward) who threatened Seaside with a boycott of their games if our banner was allowed to fly!

Very childish and silly but there you have it.

So CI will be there in spirit (since you cannot kill our zest for LIFE) and we invite you all to come to the Clan Strachan Society tent on clan row.

We encourage you all to come to the games in your CI shirts and show your support for living life to the fullest!  For more info on the games or if you wish to comment to the Seaside board go to www.seaside-games.com

Talk soon   d


Chief’s Comments
2nd May, 2007

Hello all and welcome to Clan Inebriated!

From time to time I will have a few things to pass on to our growing number of members who understand that life is worth living with plenty of humor!

We have just been through 3 great Highland Games, the Queen Mary in February, the Bakersfield Games and the Las Vegas games in April.

CI won the “best tent” award at the Bakersfield Games and were warmly welcomed in Vegas!  We encourage you all to help support these games and plan on attending them next year. CI will lead the Clan march in Bakersfield next year! We would love to have 100 or more marching with us!

We were asked to attend games in Washington, Oregon and Arizona! Unfortunately the lack of funds keeps us close to home at this time but as we grow and with your support we can start to do more and more!

I hope you all will continue to keep an eye on the web site. It is constantly changing and we hope to try and add a page for direct comments from you and we ask that you all take PICTURES of yourselves wearing your CI shirts where ever you are in the world so we can put YOU on the picture page!

A member’s only page is being set up where we can all have a say and not be worried about being politically correct. We ask that you all have fun with it but also ask that you all be polite and above all humorous.

The Tartan you see on the sight is the official CI tartan and you’re Clan Commander Todd and myself not only designed it but are trying to have it registered and then have it made at a descent price so all may order a CI Tartan kilt!!!  For those of you who do not have a kilt and this is your first WE would all be so PROUD!!  We will keep you all posted on the development.

Our Pirate Flags are finally in and we will have our Fleet Admiral Warren Casey flying it proudly on his boat! We are trying to find a manufacturer who can make them at a descent price so we can offer them to you as well.

We have many more shirt designs being made and will get them on the site for sale. We also have added our “lifetime membership” certificates as well. Something fun to display at home and a card to carry in the wallet.

My God you could all be “card carrying” members of CI!!! Now that’s impressive!  LOL!

Still working on the email list for announcements. I know, I know your Chief is a bit slow on the old ‘puter!

We are hoping to get together this summer for a large gathering somewhere in Orange County so all can attend. I will look at some dates and venues and send out the word.

Now for a bit of bad news and a plea for some help from YOU our members.

As most know we still deal with some who are a bit “old fashion” and those that can not get over the word “inebriated” Some will not look a little further and discover the fact that we all like to have a wee bit of fun in our lives.

That we are a group who live our lives with a sense of excitement and exhilaration.

That said, I will tell you all we have been banned from the Pomona games.

I will not go into details but ask only this…if you disagree with their decision and you would like us to attend all games then please email them and let them know how joining Clan Inebriated affected your lives. Be polite and simply ask “WHY?” you are not allowed to gather with YOUR Clan at their event.

It might make a difference if your voices are heard. The folks at the San Diego Games have a similar view so we are not sure if we will be there or not as well.

We would like to attend all games and welcome all to our fun but can only do so if we are welcomed.

For the Pomona Games  www.unitedscottishsociety.com

For the San Diego Games  www.sdhighlandgames.org

Ok enough of that lets look forward to more fun in our lives and we will all stay in touch and try to have some fun together!

We will be at the Seaside Highland Games in Ventura in October. We hope to see all of you there!! I believe we can sneak in on the Clan march so wear your shirts and come and support our friends in Ventura!


Chief’s Comments
November, 2007

Welcome to all CI members… there are more of you now than there was last time I did a comments page!

We just finished up at the Seaside Games in Ventura and I want to thank John and Nellie Lowery for the hospitality shown to the Clan Strachan Society tent and for “banning” CI from their games!!! It seems that by “banning” us we became the secret everybody had to know of the entire games! People were asking all over the games…”where’s Clan Inebriated?”  It was amazing!

Even though we were technically banned more CI members showed up and proudly wore their shirts then any other games we have done before!

You guys were great and showed the “old guard” that we are a growing number of fun folk who all enjoy living life to the fullest and will continue to attend these games and have the fun we do and they can not stop us from a good time!

Warren Casey (from our very own Wicked Tinkers) mentioned that during their sets he was amused to see the crowd half in Tinker shirts and half in CI shirts!

There is a possibility that we might have some combo Tinker/CI shirts coming up in the near future. I am working with Keith on the idea!

I am proud to announce that we now have a very real and very authentic Scottish EARL as one of our members!  That’s right…

Sir Malcolm Sinclair Clan Chief of the Clan Sinclair and the EARL of Caithness is now a proud member of our little parody!

He said to me on Saturday that “you people over here in America are having fun with keeping the traditions of Scotland alive and this tent (Clan Strachan Society/CI) is more like the games back home than all the others!”

Having been to a few in Scotland …I couldn’t argue!

It was a proud moment for us all!  Check the video on this site for Malcolm in action!

Next stop is the Celtic Christmas gathering at SOKU College in Orange County. Check the link we have provided for directions and ticket info.

Pat Moran (another proud member) is once again putting on a great show!!

I confirmed our dates for Bakersfield and Las Vegas next spring more info to follow. We will be in Phoenix in February instead of at the Queen Mary. I can’t afford to do both and we had a request to come to Phoenix so….off we go!

Speaking of Christmas… for those who couldn’t get a CI shirt I have placed an order and will have them at the Celtic Christmas and for those who were kind enough to order on line I will ship as soon as they get here.

I also now have window stickers…they are cool, so check the merchandise page. Wondering what to get for the hard to buy for person?  The CI life membership is a great deal… certificate to hang on the wall, a card for the wallet, I am adding a window sticker and a shirt….all for $50.00…not a bad deal!

If I don’t see you at my 50 birthday party or the Celtic Christmas gathering then I want to wish you all a great Thanksgiving, an even better Christmas and I will see you all next year!!


Large News