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Started on a toast, a common love of life, a sense of humor, and a shared Scots/Irish heritage… Clan Inebriated has become more than a motto, but a way of life. From the Gaelic:

  • Gu Deoch
  • clover20
  • Gu Cairdean
  • Gu Spors
  • To Drink
  • To Friends
  • To Fun

A simple toast that pretty much says it all.

Visits us at The Scottish Highland Games and other Celtic Festivals.
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Clan Inebriated is involved with various Scottish and Irish events throughout Southern California and up to Washington. Clan Inebriated is The Clan For All, not just those of Celtic descent. The Inebriated comes from the old meaning, to be excited or full of life. We have met many a folk who share our enthusiastic and humorous outlook on life, but not our shared Celtic background. So, we started Clan Inebriated as a wee parody on the Scottish Clan system so that all may join and feel welcome! Clan Inebriated has since gone worldwide, with members in Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, England, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Australia, Canada, Columbia, Jamaica, and of course here at home in the good old U.S.A!

(in e bri ate-ed) (Definition 2): To excite somebody: to make someone excited or exhilarated

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Registration Certificate

Music Courtesy Of The Wicked Tinkers & The Angry Brians