Capt’n Arrrrrgyl Recipe

Capt’n Arrrrrgyl Recipe

You all have been badgering me for the recipe so as your chief I have decided to answer the call of the clan …on one condition…you must give credit when asked who invented this most excellent concoction, this nectar of the gods, this all things good in a glass and you must always raise your glasses to the CLAN INEBRIATED as your first toast!

Oh and be responsible damn you, because remember our password…
“the Capt’n is a sneaky bastard!” and he will sneak up on you…trust me on this!
“I’ll be drinking says you…be warned says I”

OK … enjoy this with friends and family (cause if you drink alone your a fecking alcoholic!)

Dennis pouring

How to make a Capt’n Arrrrrrrrgyl (one at a time)

In a separate glass or a shaker add equal shots of the dark rums(MORGANS and MYERS)

add in a third shot each of the flavored light rums (what ever brand is on sale!) (PINEAPPLE, VANILLA, COCONUT)

in a pint glass…or hurricane glass…or what ever pirate mug you be drinking from…arrrrrgh fill the glass with ice all the way up (remember this IS a tropical drink!)

now add in your rum so it covers the ice on the way to the bilge… ur bottom

now add in PINEAPPLE SODA …thats right soda don’t argue or it wont taste right … Shasta makes a good one but any brand will do

now squeeze in at least a quarter of a fresh LIME then drop in the fruit and stir… BECAUSE if you don’t add this lime it will be TOO damn sweet!

umbrellas are optional… serve with a garnish of fresh pineapple and a skull and bones swizzle stick

now raise you glass and toast the Clan and settle into one of the best damn drinks ever made! ARRRRRRRRGGH!

IF you want to make the “games size” that I do then in a 5 gallon container add in a large jug each of the darks and a third of a bottle each of the lights then add in at least six of the two liter bottles of pineapple soda…pour over ice filled cups and don’t forget the lime!