Ranking Inebriates

The following is a list of officers… some legitimate, but most are spoofs that have been “granted” over the years by the Clan Chief.

 Dennis C. Strawhun
Clan Chief (aka Proprietor of Clan Inebriated)

Dennis Strawhun (Clan Chief of Clan Inebriated) and main instigator of said Clan.

Lives and works in Carlsbad CA with his wife Kelli and his three children: son Kelden, and daughters Kaitlyn and Sarah.

After 30 years in the plumbing industry, he is now working for the City of Carlsbad.

He has been involved with numerous charitable organizations and is active in the Scottish and Irish communities around Southern California.

His serious endeavors include being one of the co-Founders and Life Members of the Clan Strachan Society. He is an apprentice Mason of the Vista Masonic lodge, and a member of the Guard Ecosse of the Knights Templar.

On his Irish side he is a member of both the San Diego and the North San Diego County Friendly Sons of St Patrick. Dennis was the Smilin’ Irishman for 2006 and rode in the San Diego St Patrick’s Day Parade (the largest St Paddy’s parade west of the Mississippi!)

On the fun side of life, Dennis enjoys participating in the local Scottish Highland games as a Clan Tent Cavalier for both Clan Strachan Society and Clan Inebriated. He enjoys history and travel.

Above all, he enjoys life!

Kelli at the palace Kelli Strawhun
Clan Queen (aka Proprietor of Clan Inebriated)

Kelli is the wife of Dennis Strawhun (poor girl).  She is very active in the community as well as running a houseful of teenagers!

She is a Board Member of Clan Strachan Society, Inc.  A member of Knights Templar and helps out with the Friendly Sons of Patrick Events.

Most currently she is the creator and developer of the almost infamous Cosmic Celtic Cure.  If you haven’t tried this magical cure, well you need to “Get the Cure”.

LarryatSwallowsParade03 Larry “The Big Johnson” Johnson
Clan War Chief

Hi, I’m Larry Johnson the Clan War Chief and main instigator for Clan Inebriated.
I am single and available!

I am a retired Teamster, and a partner in a charter bus company with three buses available. This is the reason I have missed several Scottish games over the last few years, but as we grow, I will be able to assign a driver to work on those weekends and take the time off. WhoooooYa!!

I am also the Southern California Commissioner for the Clan Gunn Society of North America. I set up a hospitality tent at the four Southern California Scottish Games to spread our clan history to our members, plus, recruit new members interested in our Clan. We also actively recruit for Clan Inebriated and enjoy having a bunch of fun instigating and twisting the tails of those stick-in-the-mud anal retentive types we all know and “love”.

I also enjoy going to the various Rennaissance Faires in the Southern California area.

Pax Aye,

image002 Michael “Doc” LaMar, MD Clan Doctor

I live and practice in San Diego. The degree is “M.D.”, not “G.O.D.” ; that is why it’s called “practice” instead of “perfect”.
My ancestors hail from Ireland, Scotland and France. Recent expeditionary evidence points to “Heughhead”, in the Mar Valley in Scotland, as the likely ancestral home.

Degrees in Philosophy, Molecular Biology. Medicine and Blarney. 2007 Smilin’ Irishman in San Diego St. Patrick’s Day Parade & “Irishman of the Year” for Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, NC, San Diego.

Boarded in Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics and Forensics and bartending (by Coors!)

Member: Tribe of Mar, Clan Gordon Society, Clan Strachan Society (Board), Bydand Forever, Friendly Sons of St. Patrick (Board), San Diego Law Enforcement Emerald Society, Vasa Order, American Academy of Emergency Medicine, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Forensic Medical Examiners…that’s enough already!

Principle investigator in the development of the CI beverage christened “Wool-Light” (yup, it looks just like it).

Married to a girl from Sweden. 3 children (“Hades, Pain & Panic”). Large black lab (“Heid”). I can no longer find my garage floor for all the kid’s s*%$ all over.

I like the cool, gray times of the day. Being neither mad dog nor English, I do not go forth in the noon-day son.

I got lost on my way to the Gordon tent at a Highland Games and ended up being inducted into CI. I stayed because these guys were really fun. I don’t know what I am supposed to do as the CI doctor. With this group, I am just glad not to be the CI lawyer!

evapoppins09 Eva LaMar, MD (aka: Miss Eva Poppins)
Clan Knit-Wit

I live and practice in San Diego with my husband, “Doc”. I do Hospice and Continuing Care.

I was born and raised in Sweden. I came to America in 1977 and in 2006 I became a citizen! I LOVE this country.

I have degrees in Exercise Physiology and Medicine from UCLA. Michael is tutoring me in Blarney.

I am Boarded in Internal Medicine. I run inpatient Palliative Care, Hospice and Continuing Care Services in a San Diego area hospital.

I am a member of the Tribe of Mar, Clan Gordon Society, Clan Strachan Society, House of Sweden, VASA Order, and this motley crew.

I have a husband with unusually large body parts. As such, I have taught myself to knit Aran Isle style kilt hose for his cows (LARGE calves). Each pair requires an environmental impact statement to be filed for shearing so many sheep at once. This explains the “Knit” part of my Clan title.

The “Wit” part comes from going toe-to-toe for years with the spawn of Irish poets & kings with whom I live. I know Blarney when I hear it and have an answer for nearly all of it!

Needless to say, I am busy with the same brood as cited above. I am learning to Irish dance with my children; someday we may even perform at a CI function.

I carry a black shoulder bag that contains nearly everything known to mankind and was given the additional moniker of “Miss Eva Poppins” for my ability to reach into the bag and come out with whatever the petitioner needed. Due to recent problems with arthritis I have taken out the lamp, coatrack, rug and a few other heavier items.

My husband and I enjoy the same weather, foods, music and friends. We socialize with many of the CI officers. We just can’t figure out why.

Donnell & Jessika Bowden (4 Leaf Web Design)
Clan Web Developers, Webmaster and I.T.

Donnell & Jessika currently reside in Rainbow, CA. with there 2 Boys and a girl on the way. Donnell is an old friend of Dennis and Kelli’s oldest (Kelden) and a proud owner of one of the first CI Shirts from one of the first boxes. Jessika is his partner in crime, a vet tech and one amazing mama.

Sarah Corona – Clan Webmaster
Sarah is the daughter of Dennis and Kelli Strawhun Proud mommy of A two year old little girl

Kathleen E. Nohe
Clan Historian (Hysterian)

Lives in San Marcos, CA with her partner of 20 years and one daughter. Public School Teacher and Retired Naval Aviator.
Director of Volunteers for the San Diego Scottish Highland Games. Secretary for North County Scots. Newsletter Editor for Clan Donald, South Pacific Branch. A Member of House of Gordon, Clan Donald, and Clan MacMillan.

Member of Merlin’s Grotto Renaissance Faire Guild.

Qualifications for Clan Hysterian: Flys off the handle at the slightest thing. Will scream for scotch. Known to freak out at the drop of a hat. Irrationality at your service. Chicken Little ain’t got nothin’ on me, babe!

Fleet-Captain-Warren-Casey sized Warren Casey
Fleet Admiral

Warren took to the sea at an early age. It was in his blood. His father was a merchant seaman. Boats have been his passion all his life. With his father, he built three boats; two of steel and one of wood. He has been a sailing Captain for more than 35 years (not a professional Captain). He was Junior Commodore of Ventura Yacht Club and Commodore of Ventura Sailing Club, each for two years. He has raced and pillaged most of Southern California.

He is the managing partner of WICKED TINKERS and in his travels with them has sacked and plundered many towns and cities across America.

Member of Clan Cian.

He is truly honored to be selected to the post of CLAN INEBRIATED FLEET ADMIRAL. He will uphold this rank with all the drunken clarity he can muster. The seas will never be free of, “Gu Deoch, Gu Cairdean, and Gu Sp’ors.”

Chrisy Orcholski – AKA “Surf City Piper”

Chrisy Orcholski AKA “Surf City Piper”

I’m born and raised in Surf City, USA (Huntington Beach, CA). I’ve played trumpet since I was a kid so when God put the notion to try bagpipes I took to them instantly! I’ve been piping since 2005 and I strive to get better every day. A good piper is a blessing. And as for blessings… Since I kept hanging around the CI tent Dennis threw me a bone and now look at me! I’m “THE” piper for Clan Inebriated! I love to play my pipes for any event: funerals, weddings, birthday parties, bock fests, and especially pub crawls! If you need a piper – just call!


Ian joined CI in its early years at the Seaside Highland Games and does his best to keep up with the Clan’s image. He has been involved in the Scottish community and arts for many years. He started his involvement with Scottish country dancing and rapidly moved on to Highland dancing, a background that helps to explain the wonderful musicality of his piping today. He rescued the San Diego Scottish Highland Games from financial disaster in the late 1980s and presided over that event’s remarkable renaissance. At about the same time, he had to give up dancing and decided to keep on with competition through piping. He joined the Cameron Highlanders Pipe Band of San Diego County and joined a military re-enactment organization a few years later. This organization opened the door for him to learn from some of the British Army’s leading pipers. In 1996, he established the GS McLennan Invitational Piping Competition, an event which brought the world’s top pipers to Southern California. In 2001 he began graduate study at the University of Aberdeen, permitting him to travel to the United Kingdom several times per year and exposing him to more of piping’s masters. Highlights of those visits include laying the memorial poppy wreath for the Gordon Highlanders at the Cenotaph (London’s Remembrance Day ceremony), attending the Laying Up of the Regiment’s Colours, and meeting frequently with his mentor, Lt-General Sir P. W. Graham. He earned his doctorate in Scottish military history in 2007, and is returning to competitive piping.

In addition to creating one of the most important competitions in the world of piping, Ian’s credentials include: piping instruction from Donald MacPherson, John Wilson, Jack Lee; performances for HRH Prince Charles, HRH Prince Michael, the Lords-Provost of Edinburgh and Edinburgh; participating in the Gordon Highlanders’ bicentenniary march through Aberdeen (1994) and marching with the combined regimental pipe bands at the Huntly Homecoming celebration (2009); being designated as the piper to the 1st Light Armed Recon (1MEF, USMC, Camp Pendleton, CA) and the USS John Paul Jones (DDG-53).

Gary_Forsch_Spirit_Master Gary Forsch
Clan SpiritMaster…and purveyor of all things tasty

I am a California native and discovered my Scottish heritage when I saw a marriage license of my Great Grandmother, who was a Scot.

I love scotch whiskey! I joined Clan Inebriated in 2005.

I am a collector of fine whisky’s. so much so that when I share with the Chief he pronounced me Spirit Master. I have single malt whisky at least 12 years old from every whisky producing region of Scotland. Professional tasters point me to the whisky I collect, most of it I get from Scotland

I look forward to sharing with my fellow clan members whenever possible.