Chiefs Comments – July 2015

Chiefs Comments

July 2015

Hello to the ever growing Clan Inebriated!!! Where did you all come from???

Welcome to all of our new members from around the globe.

Its been a busy year of growth for all of us.

As promised I dont like to inundate you with spam so I only put out a few comments every now and again. So here we go with some updates…

Top news… The CI registered tartan kilts are now being made! Its been about 4 years from conception to loom but the finished product is simply gorgeous. Pictures do not do it justice. I will be sporting the very first one in Portland and Enumclaw this year while the other 7 lucky guys are having theirs made.

Once you see it youre going to want one!

A big thank you to Mackinnons Kilts for all the hard work and partnership in making my dream come true!

We hope to have a we coming out party with pictures when all are done!

OK Inebriates…what will you be doing this September 18-20?

Why you will all be meeting in Murrieta CA for the 3rd annual Get Shamrocked Music Fest!!! We have joined up with these great folks to have some fun and one of the fastest growing Celtic music Festivals in Southern California.

Please go to our NEW WEB SITE and click on the promotion for a special discount on weekend tickets!

Did I mention the new and improved web site???

Yup we have made a few changes and hopefully made it easier to navigate and have fun with…dont forget to send in pictures of you Inebriates having fun from around the world so we can post

Its been fun talking and sharing humor on our Facebook page as well!

Hoping to eventually meet everyone in person sooner or later. If you dont look like your Facebook picture you are buying me drinks until you do!!!

We have a cap badge! Inebriate Rick has worked hard on a very nice sterling silver cap badge made right here in America for you to wear. He is also working on a kilt pin as well. Go to our Merchandise web page to order.

Our very own Celtic Rock band The Angry Brians (formerly known as 1916) have recorded a new cd of new songs and they sound great! They just opened in Las Vegas for the Dropkick Murphys and were a huge hit… go to Amazon to get their music or look for them at a venue close to you and get an autographed cd!

Im kind of partial to the song Bussn the Stone (of Blarney) Id give it a 10 and you can dance to it! Yes even you white guys can dance to it!

Rumor has it our other CI approved band The Wicked Tinkers are working on a new cd! Its been awhile and I for one am looking forward to it.

Have you heard the new and improved Highland Way? You are going to like them as well. I wouldnt steer you wrong on this!

Well there you have it for updates…if anything else comes up please share with the rest of us!


Gu Deoch Gu Cairden Gu Spors…

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