Hi Dennis,

Just wanted to take a moment to say how proud and happy this Irish/German mutt is to have become a member of the clan of clans last week at the Seaside Highland Games in Ventura! No stuffy requirements nor uptight stodginess, just good people having a good time. Who wouldn’t want to join?? A Gaelic motto recitation, a swig of Argyle and I have a new family! My one and only regret is not having discovered Clan Inebriated earlier!
So thank you for having me, I plan on being there at the games all weekend next year and any other events I can make prior to that.
And Big thanks of course, to my dear friends and long standing C.I. members Glenn & Pam Smith and Abi Davis for being such great friends and introducing me to your Chieftanship!

Sincerely, John Crow.

Let me tell you of the first outing of the Clan to the Highland Gathering at Toukley in New South Wales , we were there if force count the numbers ! yes ONE with his ever faithful followers the Family with me, OH and the American Spaniel Josh along for guarding purpose of the Booty I knew was there for the taking or is that winning, not to win hearts and pats.

The great Raid by the Clan Inebriated on the Clan Campbell tent for the Bottles of Campbell Scotch Whisky ,{ to which this member is also a member } such was the raid and many were the Dollars spent trying to extract a bottle , forget the little sample bottles taken , that a comment passed was FOR GODS SAKE it would be cheaper to go and buy one , NO came the valiant reply not the same and deep into the box of the lucky dip again and again plunged my hand { not my sword hand} to no avail that little piece of paper with the Magic words eluded my grasping digits.

To add insult to a depleted Sporran of Dollars, daughter in law comes along spend $2 and wins one , the Guard dog sits and wins hearts along the row of Clan tents, many were the inquiries about the Clan , with many writing down just where to find us , though again a few very few , were of the opinion we are not a legitimate Clan , you know the type, we have never seen you before or heard of you , OH dear they were soon enlightened by the Clan Motto GU DEOGH GU GAIRDEAN GU SPORS all that was needed was a banner for the march of the Clans to announce our arrival.

Hopefully next year will see an increase in numbers of Clan Inebriated at this gathering with perhaps a kilt of the Clan just to confuse some even more.

Andrew Macrae

For every action ,there is an equal and opposite Government programme

Rebecca Olver

Hello Dennis Strawhun,

My name is Rebecca Olver (though I joined your clan as Rebecca Caviness two years ago in Ventura) and I just wanted to say that my husband Otra and I are so sad that Clan Inebriated is no longer going to the games! We were told this year at the Vista games that the Clan was banned I think that just sucks!

I don’t think I have received any email about updates recently so I wanted to double check that this email is still on the mailing list as I would very much love to continue to support the clan, games or no! I live up in the city of Orange so I will try to keep an eye out for any clan gatherings in the area.

I really appreciated your Clan because I really only have a tiny shred of Scottish in me. My family has been in the states for so long we don’t really have strong ancestral ties since we’re kinda mutts, and that suits me fine. The result is that I love diversity and lots of different cultures, including all things Scottish. Your clan was such a welcoming way to feel accepted at the games since you were open to everyone who just wanted to have a good time! I’ve got a Jewish/Italian friend who doesn’t have a shred of Scottish blood in her, but she loves the culture and she was so happy to b able to join your Clan!

I would love to send an email on your behalf to whoever would be in charge of getting you re-admitted to the games, and I’m sure my husband and some of my friends would love to do so as well.

Would it be alright if we sent a few emails politely singing your praises to the folks in charge in the hopes that they will reconsider your admittance? If so, who can we send them too? I heard the McClintock’s are in charge of the Vista games. Are they the ones to contact?

Anyway. Thank you again for creating such an awesome and all inclusive Clan! I hope that it will continue to thrive and be filled with wonderful, fun loving people!

Rebecca Olver

Mary Tyler, Clan Macgregor

Well, I for one am a large supporter of Clan Inebriated. I know they are not an official Clan but a parody of a clan, and one that initiates a fun time for all clans to unite together as Celts. We know all that participate in activities of Clan Inebriated, understand that it is not a real clan, but a fun group to celebrate kinship to drink to fun to friends!

Scotland is about the size of Southern California. Tell me we are not all related in some way! Many do not understand this, or are jealous of the CI’s popularity as it is. I for one will fight to the death as the Scottish did in our heritage to support this group, and support them in their efforts to bring all together and highlight Scottish events. I think it will support up-and-coming younger groups to have fun at the games/festivals and enjoy their experience enough to come back promoting further attendance for many at the games/fests of our heritage!

God bless those who work hard to bring us together at events for what ever reason! I just want to say thank you and hope you continue at all events to show Scottish/Celtic Unity with CI!

Sincerely Mary Tyler a MacGregor who is a MacGregor spokes person for Clans of the Highlands and who also married a Douglas lol! I will be in full CI dress at the events to show support!
Check out my myspace at http://www.myspace.com/ladymacgregor to see I have indeed been a supporter with clan plaid and photo on my myspace! 🙂

Sheryl Ferguson, Clan Coordinator
Kern County Scottish Society Gathering and Games (9-Apr-2007)

Thank you — Thank you — Thank you

This was the largest turnout we’ve had in 12 years.
30 Clan Tents!!!!

Thank you – everyone, for your participation and support. I’ve already received a lot of positive feedback and I’m very hopeful that everyone had as good a time, meeting with all of you, as we did. It was great to meet our new friends and see all of our friends from years past. You were all so very co-operative, kind and understanding. I appreciate everything we represent as Clansfolk. This is the reason we became involved in this event to begin with: The Gathering.

This year’s winner for
Best Clan Tent Display 2007
our newest additions,
Clan Strachan and Clan Inebriated.

Congratulations to both Dennis and Kelly for their encouragement and promise to be back next year, bringing even more Clans in for our Gathering. They will have the honor of leading us in the Clan March for 2008.

One of the things that I am working on is the compilation of your suggestions. I was listening and have already started a list of things that would help things run smoother in the future. Please feel free to express any suggestions, complaints, ideas or concerns to me, either by mail, e-mail or even by phone. I will try to get them all addressed before our next Gathering. I hope that you will continue to help me in striving for a comfortable program that not only satisfies your expectations, but will encourage others to join.

I have received a lot of compliments on the Clan area from other sources: our visitors, some of the entertainers and some of the vendors. Everyone has had something nice to say about the way they were received in our area and how “at home” everyone felt just being there.

Brenda Edwards

Good Morning Dennis, Just wanted to say Thank you for making us feel Welcome…..We so enjoyed talking and getting initiated into your clan. We look forward to the next gathering you have. “Gu Deoch,Gu Cairdean,Gu Spors!”

Rand Allan
Commissioner, Clan Grant Society (10-Mar-2007)

While it is unfortunate that the broader definition of the word “Inebriated”, namely, being intoxicated with living and the celebration of life, has faded into the background to be largely replaced in modern society with the notion of drunken behavior, the founder of Clan Inebriated, Dennis Strawhun, has chosen to focus on the former definition of this word, simultaneously making a parody of the stereotype of the Celt as a hard-drinking person, but more importantly, stressing an intense celebration of life. Dennis and all that associate with the organization exemplify the intent of the broader definition of the word, namely, they are enjoying life and all that the camaraderie of like-minded Celts the world over has to offer. To be sure, there is drinking….that is part of the heritage of our culture, but it is not the focus of the organization. The group has tee-totalers as well that are totally dedicated to the cause of Clan Inebriated. The focus is on the fellowship of friends regardless of clan or family affiliation. Dennis, in the course of my observations, is not only intensely proud of his heritage as evidenced my his nearly tireless efforts to resurrect the ancient clan of Strachan, but he also has that intense love of life that exhibits itself in a jovial personality that one finds hard not to like once you get to know him.

Sheryl Ferguson, Clan Coordinator
Kern County Scottish Society Gathering and Games (22-Feb-2007)

“I think that the more people that feel connected to the clans, the better the turn out for our Gatherings. You provide a way that all can feel a part of it, no matter what their backgrounds may be. That makes what you do, priceless.”

Pat Moran
Orange County Celtic Festival (17-Dec-2006)

“Clan Inebriated attended my “Celtic Festival Orange County” in November 2006, and conducted themselves in a very appropriate manner, bringing flags and banners, and helping in many other ways. Clan Inebriated celebrates our culture in an open way where everyone is welcome”

Judi Faria

GI would like to sincerely thank Clan Inebriated for all they have done for the Sonora Celtic Faire. Especially for the long sleeve t-shirt I won that you donated! What more could anyone ask for in a clan? Drink, Friends, Fun and Purple Tartan – woo hoo! I’m all in! I can’t wait for the purple kilts! Again, thank you so much for your donations to the Celtic Faire. We wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

Sincerely, Judi Faria

(okay so that’s my married name and the Irish is on my mom’s side)