About that Pirate thing…

C I Pirates

The whole Pirate thing started when all of a sudden we had 5 members with boats! Going with the fact that there are some who just don’t understand our ways, we decided to fire a wee broadside across their beams and began displaying the pirate flags at the games along side the notorious Clan MacFarlane!

We were not totally wicked though, since throughout history the Scots have always been great sea faring folk, and pirates as well! A famous Strachan, Admiral Sir Richard Strachan, single handedly captured the last four French Battleships attempting to escape from the Battle of Trafalgar! That is REAL Scottish history! As were Captain Kidd and the Dread Pirate Roberts!

Our good friend Warren Casey of the Wicked Tinkers fame was the first member we knew who had a boat, so we made him Fleet Admiral and started our own Pirate Fleet! Our Clan Commander Todd Greer (an avid Disney collector) started to bring in a vast array of all things pirate for a display and as something for the wee kiddies to play with, and well the collection just keeps growing!

Since you can not have a Fleet Admiral or a fleet for that matter with out a flag to sail under, we designed our Ram’s Skull and Crossed Bones on a purple field! Warren will proudly run it up his mast and the CI tent will have it at games as well. We hope to find them at a good price to offer them for sale to all of our Clan members in the future.

As we all know, whenever there is a gathering of Clan Inebriated members something naughty-cal and fun is sure to happen! Here’s to life and the fun we have living it!

gu Deoch gu Cairdean gu Spors


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