Clan Wall

Clan Inebriated Wall

6 comments on “Clan Wall

  • Donnell Bowden says:

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to the new CI website. This is just a fun place for people to post, chat and be merry! Now Friends and Family have fun

  • Emily Briney says:

    I’m looking forward to the games this year in Pleasanton Ca. I’ll be stopping by the booth fro sure!

  • Casey Dowell says:

    It was so great seeing everyone again at the 151st Gathering & Games this weekend. As always, Jamie & I had a blast with our fellow inebriates at the Clan Inebriated booth…and bonus: we got another one of our offspring inducted!

  • Cliff Walters says:

    I was the only person wearing a Clan Inebriated t-shirt at the Highland Games last month in Hamilton Montana. However, I believe I recruited quite a few new members. I’m a Californian now, but will soon be living in Idaho. I would like to volunteer my services in starting the Northern Idaho and Montana chapters of CI.


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